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The costume

The Living Topiary costume is made of 3 parts:

• The dress, with 5 colors options: white, green, gold, silver, or red

• The base, covered with thousands of rose petals of matching color with

the dress.

• The floral décor on the headpiece and forearms. Your options are:

- Roses: White, red, pink, gold, silver, orange, green, purple

or fuchsia

- Boxwood greenery

- Sunflowers

We also create new flower themes on demand.

Description of the act

The Living Topiary show is an

interactive atmosphere act,

available in 2 possible formats:

• As a Living Statue

• Choreographed with music

The Living Topiary show is a

stationary act on pedestal.

The show

Representing the marriage of Nature

in a Human form, the Living Topiary

is a spectacular 9 feet tall

atmosphere act. This interactive

entertainment will make an impact

on your guests. Its graceful posing

will make of your Living Topiary a

spectacular focal point at your event.

Scheduling the show

Scheduling the show at your event is

easy. Each presentation, also called a set,

has a 30 minute format.

• Booking a single performer allows for

one 30 minute show per hour for up to 4

hours, with 30 minute breaks between

sets. Maximum number of sets: 4.

• Booking two performers or more, gives

two options:

Option 1:

Making a statement by having

all your Living Topiaries perform at the

same time. They will break at the same

time also.

Option 2:

Offering a continuous exposure

of the show for up to 4 hours, by having

your performers rotate on set; when one

performs, the other breaks.

Please contact us to work out a set sched-

ule for your event.


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